How to Ensure Success with Your Annual Meadow Mix

Sowing Times and Conditions

When: Sow in the Spring between March to May/ early June (depending on the conditions this year), just as the soil is warming up. An Autumn sowing is possible for an early flowering display – but may result in the loss of some, or all, of the display in a severe winter.

Where: Any open, sunny location which gets at least a couple of hours of sunshine. A shady position will result in patchy growth and poor flowering. Sow into average, free draining garden soil – treat them as any other typical garden plant but try and find the sunniest spot for the best results.

Ground Preparation

Weeds: It is important to sow onto a very clean seed bed and ensure that all visible weeds, especially grass, are removed. Do not sow into existing grass or other vegetation as this will lead to failure.

Soil Preparation: Once weeds have been removed cultivate the ground shallowly by using a rake to form a nice level seedbed that has a fine, crumbly texture.

Sowing Your Seed

Sowing Rate: Pictorial Meadows™ annuals should be sown at a rate of 3g per square metre.

How to Sow: Mix your seed thoroughly with an inert bulking material such as sawdust, coir or even builders sand, at a rate of 5 parts sand to one part seeds to help distribute the seed over the area. This will also allow you to see where the seed has been sown. Sow the seed/sand mix evenly over the whole area by scattering in different directions ensuring that you keep the mix well mixed throughout the sowing process. We always recommend sowing by hand as this gives the best results.

Rolling and Watering: The seed/carrier mix is sown onto the surface and it is essential that it is firmed onto the soil surface by using a garden roller, back of a spade or even walking over it. Normally, annual seeds will not require any form of watering in the UK – but if drought conditions are experienced, then watering will be required.

Establishment and Management

Growth: You could expect to see the first signs of germination in 7-10 days. Growth can be very rapid after this and flowers may start appearing as early as 6 weeks after sowing.

Weeding: If ground preparation has been good, then it is normal not to undertake any form of maintenance such as weeding at all throughout the whole of the flowering season. Pictorial Meadows™ annuals are specifically designed to throw up taller and taller flowering stems as the year progresses and this characteristic, along with the very high flower content is very effective at ‘masking’ weeds that do invade.

End of Season: Once the flowering season has finished the plants can be removed from the site and composted. There may be some re-seeding of certain species to give a limited display the following season but to get a full pictorial display you should re-sow the following spring. Why not take the opportunity to try one of other beautiful annual mixes – or even ‘graduate’ to our perennial versions, in either seed or turf form?

Need further help?

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