How to bring colour into your planting this year

Published at Jan 12, 2024

With our range of reliable and resilient annual meadow seeds, you can enjoy constantly changing colour combinations from late spring through to early autumn.

Blue Hues

Pictorial Meadows Aqua Annual Wildflower Seed Mix

The varied cool blues, whites, mauves and purples of our Aqua mix were designed to represent the shimmering waters of the Olympic aquatic centre.

Carnival of Colour

Pictorial Meadows Candy Annual Wildflower Seed Mix

The Candy mix features ever-changing combinations of radiant reds, pinks and yellows, with wisps of whites and baby blues.

Strawberries and Cream

Pictorial Meadows Pastel Annual Wildflower Seed Mix

Our delightful colour-themed ‘strawberries and cream’ Pastel mix features intense reds, whites and pinks with just a little scattering of blue.

Shimmering Orange

Pictorial Meadows Kingfisher Annual Wildflower Seed Mix

The Kingfisher mix captures the startling colours of kingfishers as they fly past. Shimmering oranges give way to a blaze of blues and streaks of white.

Pinks and Whites

Pictorial Meadows Marshmallow Annual Wildflower Seed Mix

Our Marshmallow mix was inspired by the dreamy-looking colours of marshmallow and candy floss, with soft pinks and delicate whites.

Gleaming Gold

Pictorial Meadows Sundance Annual Wildflower Seed Mix

Sundance is a truly glorious celebratory mix of gleaming gold and yellow blooms shot with a touch of contrasting blue and flashes of white.

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