Why You Should Choose Pictorial Meadows to Deliver Large-Scale Meadow Projects

Published at Jun 12, 2024

In this blog post, our Landscape Manager Owen explains why Pictorial Meadows excel in delivering large-scale meadow projects.


Pictorial Meadows didn’t start small and grow to do large-scale projects – we’ve been doing them right from the start. We were born out of a desire to upscale the production and deployment of wow-factor seed mixes developed at the University of Sheffield across 200 hectares of vacant development sites (almost 2% of the city’s land area). That was over 20 years ago and since then, our ever-expanding client base have continued to count on us to deliver large-scale meadow projects that have a positive impact for people, wildlife and the local economy.



From the iconic Olympic Park to the vibrant Tower of London Superbloom, our meadows have captivated audiences and transformed landscapes across the UK. Here’s a flavour of some of our large-scale projects:


Olympic Park, London – Over seven hectares of iconic high-profile meadow designed for floral wow-factor and to peak in perfect time for the Olympic Games. The meadows have continued to mature and develop, creating the legacy of the Olympic Park for future generations to enjoy.


Mega Flora Project, North Lanarkshire – We’re working with North Lanarkshire Council to convert 23 hectares of urban amenity grass into engaging and vibrant perennial meadows. Local schools and volunteer groups have also benefitted from opportunities to help with the planting.


River of Flowers, Rotherham – We’ve been sowing eight miles of road verges and roundabouts with stunning annuals every year since 2013. The scheme achieved almost 30% reductions on maintenance costs (compared to mowing six times per year), plus big benefits to wildlife and resident satisfaction.


Tower of London Superbloom – After testing the bespoke seed mixes in our trial fields, we mixed and supplied over 20 million seeds, creating more than a hectare of dazzling meadow that flooded the moat of the Tower of London to mark the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. We worked with Professor Nigel Dunnett, who was the Lead Horticulturist on the project.


Solihull Wildlife Ways Project – We helped boost the beauty and biodiversity of almost 100 km of cycleways and footpaths with five hectares of our meadow turf.


We don’t just provide meadow products and landscaping – we are part of a wider family with placemaking and stewardship at our heart. We are part of The Green Estate CIC, who are the stewards of over eighty hectares of urban green space in Sheffield, including five city parks and the highly celebrated Grey to Green scheme.


Transforming vast landscapes into vibrant meadows overflowing with flowers and buzzing with life is no small feat. It requires expertise, meticulous planning and a passion for bringing nature’s beauty to life. Here are three reasons why we’re leaders in crafting these breathtaking landscapes:


(1) A Collaborative Approach

From the very beginning, Pictorial Meadows prioritises understanding your vision. Through in-depth consultations, we delve into the essence of your project, considering:

  • Budget: We offer bespoke, cost-effective solutions to suit your budget and provide cost savings on current maintenance costs.
  • Site Compatibility: Full site survey including lab analysis of soil samples, so we can work with the land, not against it.
  • Social Impact: Schemes that work for the people who live, work and visit the area, from wellbeing benefits to beautifying the area and boosting the local economy.
  • Wildlife and the Environment: We provide monitoring and analysis of impact on floral diversity and carbon emissions savings associated with conversion to meadow.
  • Maintenance: Understanding your site-specific maintenance resources in terms of labour, skills and machinery, to create sustainable schemes.



(2) In-House Design, Project Management and Delivery

Being able to handle the whole process in-house helps to ensure we can deliver your project smoothly to the highest standard and deliver excellent value for money. This is thanks to our:

  • Streamlined Expertise for Large Projects: We are a diverse and experienced team of landscape architects, landscape managers, horticulturists and skilled machinery operators. We undertake almost all aspects of meadow creation, from design and project management, to landscaping and maintenance.
  • Readily Available Meadow Turf and Seeds: We have a wide range of pre-grown turf and seed mixes ready to go. For larger projects, we can grow turf to order and offer a bespoke seed mix service.
  • The Right Tools: Equipped with specialised machinery and equipment, we handle large projects with efficiency and precision.



(3) Sustainable in the Long Run

Pictorial Meadows understands that meadow creation is just the starting point. While our meadows are simple to maintain, we can help ensure your meadows receive the necessary care to keep them performing for years to come. We provide:

  • Training and Demonstration: Contact us about industry open days and training events at our site in Sheffield, where we demonstrate meadow maintenance techniques and machinery. We also provide bespoke in-person or online CPDs.
  • Ongoing Support: A reliable partner to answer your questions and offer guidance whenever needed.
  • Optional Maintenance Services: If you prefer, Pictorial Meadows can handle the ongoing care of your meadow, ensuring it flourishes for years to come.


So, why do Pictorial Meadows excel in delivering large-scale meadow projects?

Put simply, it’s what we’ve always done.

Ready to breathe life into your landscape?

If you envision a vast drift of flowers, buzzing with life and radiating with natural beauty, Pictorial Meadows can make it a reality. Our unparalleled expertise, meticulous planning, unwavering commitment to quality and sustainable approach makes us the ideal partner for creating your dream meadow.

Take the first step towards transforming your vision into a breathtaking reality. Contact Pictorial Meadows today and let us weave nature’s magic into your landscape.