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Moody Blues PS02 - From £1.65 per sq m

Moody Blues PS02

From £47.50

A spellbinding mix of cool and elegant blues, mauves, and striking purples, brought together with...

Cornfield PA11 - From £0.83 per sq m

Cornfield PA11

From £6.50

A mix of traditional British native annual wildflowers reminiscent of cornfields and country lane...

Persian Carpet PS06 - From £1.65 per sq m

Persian Carpet PS06

From £47.50

A real impressionist Pictorial Meadow, combining dainty fine-leaved species with some architectu...

Marshmallow PA08 - From £0.83 per sq m

Marshmallow PA08

From £6.50

Soft pinks and delicate whites define this dreamy-looking meadow. When designing this mix, it was...

Tuscan Hills PS07 - From £1.65 per sq m

Tuscan Hills PS07

From £47.50

Inspired by the sun-drenched hillsides of Tuscany, this meadow mix will bring the warmth and dram...

Turkish Delight PS01 - From £1.65 per sq m

Turkish Delight PS01

From £47.50

A very reliable long season, richly coloured flowering meadow designed to give outstanding perfor...

Sundance PA03 - From £0.83 per sq m

Sundance PA03

From £18.50

A truly glorious celebratory mix of gleaming gold and yellow blooms shot with a touch of contrast...

The Vibrant Meadow Collection - £15.00

The Vibrant Meadow Collection


A stunning gift for nature and wildlife lovers, this is a simple way to achieve breathtaking disp...

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