About Pictorial Meadows Wildflower Turf

Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf is a well-proven, reliable product that combines the best of British wildflowers together with wildflowers from around the world. Our wildflower turf is used to create versatile and economic landscapes with an exceptionally high flower content that delivers visually-impactful landscapes whilst significantly boosting local biodiversity.

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Wildflower turf  Wildflower turf


Ready to Flower Wildflower Turf

Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf is supplied ready to flower, with all the establishment work done for you. Our designed wildflower turf provides a range of landscape solutions that combine flexibility, cost-saving and ease of installation, along with unique combinations of beautiful and resilient plants.

Wildflower turf  Wildflower turf


Resilient and Adaptive Wildflower Turf

Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf maximises adaptation and resilience to future climate changes. Comprising over 100 different varieties of wildflowers, the rich diversity of species within our wildflower turf provides considerable climate resilience. Without the need to irrigate following establishment, we have seen our wildflower turf thrive in increasingly hotter and drier summers. The breadth of species introduced within the Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf means that in every conceivable microhabitat, there will be a dynamic adaptation going that can flex and adapt with the changing climate.

Wildflower turf  Wildflower turf


Low Maintenance Wildflower Turf

With upwards of 150 plants per square metre in our wildflower turf, the density of plant material discourages weeds and therefore also reduces ongoing maintenance resources. Maintenance for Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf can be reduced to a simple spring weed check and just one annual cut and collect per year. Annual cutting material from our wildflower turf can be composted by green waste recycling and the meadow ‘compost’ is also a means of improving soil health.

Wildflower turf  Wildflower turf


Plastic-Free Wildflower Turf

Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf is grown on a plastic-free and 100% biodegradable wool mat using peat-free compost. This specially manufactured compost meets the specific requirements for growing wildflower turf and is made from recycled raw materials which is a much more sustainable approach and alternative to using natural soil.

Wildflower turf  Wildflower turf


Good for People and Planet

Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf is designed not just for improved environmental resilience, but to be especially attractive and valuable for pollinators and people. Our wildflower turf has an exceptionally high floral content, as well as an extended and very varied flowering period. The plants themselves provide a great habitat for our native fauna and are an especially valuable winter source of oil-rich seeds for birds. And, what normally attracts bees and butterflies also pleases people! The many forms of foliage and flower in our wildflower turf along with the almost daily changes in colour and form provides a rich sensory experience.

Wildflower turf  Wildflower turf


Truly Versatile Wildflower Turf

Pictorial Meadows wildflower turf is incredibly versatile and thrives in diverse conditions and settings. This includes slopes, rooftops, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) wet/dry areas, shade, semi-shade or full sun and various types of soil.

Wildflower turf  Wildflower turf


Pictorial Meadows Wildflower Turf Brochure

Download our new wildflower turf brochure for detailed information about all our wildflower turf products, including plant lists, flowering details, recommended usage, shade/sun tolerance, plus installation and maintenance tips.

Wildflower turf brochure