Perennial Seeds

There are eight beautifully designed perennial seed mixes available. Although they require a bit more effort for the initial establishment than annuals, these meadows go on to create unique and long-lived displays. Expect flowering from the very first summer season and within three to four years, robust long-lived plants will the gaps and edges to create an ever-changing landscape. 

Recommended sowing time: September to May.

Recommended sowing rate: 2g per square metre. 

Seed sown perennials don’t do well if there is a lot of weed competition in year one. If you suspect your soil is not clean of both visible weeds, and the less visible weed seed bank, then it makes a substantial difference to the long-term meadow success if you sow the seed onto a sterile mulch. The function of a mulch is to help suppress the germination of the thousands of weed seeds that can be in the underlying soils.