Patchwork Quilt PM meadow Turf
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PM Turf – Patchwork Quilt

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Using a wildflower meadow turf is the quickest and easiest way to achieve a beautiful floral meadow. Patchwork Quilt works best in freely draining and lower nutrient soils, this lovely light and airy meadow brings together more of the dainty species that unfortunately struggle to survive for more than a year or two in normal conditions, where competition from grass and rank weeds is so strong. In the right environment it is another very long season meadow, with complex and subtle colour combinations from April until heavy frosts finally put a stop to flowering.

A delightful pink, white and blue mix, this wildflower meadow turf will be delivered to you as squares of pre-grown plantlets in our unique membrane. This can be cut to any shape and size making it easy to create whatever your heart desires.

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PM Turf – Patchwork Quilt is also available as a Seed Mix!


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