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Purple Haze

A cool and elegant colour themed meadow for normal fertility soils. Purple Haze  happily tolerate moist and even lightly shady locations.

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Purple Haze Description

Purple Haze is one of our much-improved colour themed favourites. Outstanding in its reliability, this is a well-structured meadow for all sorts of soil conditions and locations. Colours are predominantly purples and white, with spikes of mauve and billows of blue for contrast. This meadow develops a very naturalistic look as it matures and is equally at home in urban and rural settings. It responds well to an extra early summer cut for repeat late summer flowering. If left uncut as late into the season as possible, Purple Haze provides great autumn and early-winter season seed heads for hungry birds.

Purple Haze includes:

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Sample Species

Fairy Bellflower ¦ Campanula persicifolia, Michaelmas Daisy ¦ Aster amellus, Purple Loosestrife ¦ Lythrum salicaria, Self Heal ¦ Prunella vulgaris

4 Steps to Creating a Meadow with PMTurf...

Select the PMTurf variety most suited to your project. Our turf is grown from the exact same mixes as our PM seed range.  
Good ground preparation will give the best start for a successful meadow. PMTurf needs to be laid onto clear soil, free of grasses and weeds.
PMTurf is laid just like a grass turf, and dependent on the time of year could come into flower within weeks.
As PMTurf is densely populated with established plantlets (around 150 per m²), weed growth is suppressed. The meadow will need just one maintenance ‘cut and collect’ a year.

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