Woodland Edge PS03

From £42.90

Easy to establish and an absolute joy in terms of impact and colour, especially through the spring and summer seasons. Designed specifically for areas with light dappled shade, this meadow is also lovely sown along hedge lines and north-facing walls. Colours tend towards shades of pinks and purples, but with plenty of surprises in there. From ground cover up to tall emergents, this meadow has an intricate species selection, to ensure that as the season moves on, your display will continue to delight, and develop it's own unique character each year.

One of eight beautifully designed perennial seed mixes available. Although they require a bit more effort for the initial establishment than annuals, these meadows go on to create unique and long-lived displays. Expect flowering from the very first summer season and within three to four years, robust, long-lived plants create an ever-changing landscape.

Sowing Recommendations

Sow your seeds in September to May

Sow 2g per square metre

Sow the seed onto a sterile mulch that is clean and free of weeds

Read our full perennial's sowing guide


Pictorial Meadows™ perennial mixes have at least 23 different species within each mix. Check your measurements when ordering your seed to avoid waste or underestimating. They are very carefully formulated to include the species diversity within a m² and do not contain any grasses.