How perennial flower meadows save time and effort in gardening

Published at Oct 16, 2023

In this article, our Landscape Manager Maddy explores the ways in which our perennial flower meadows can save you time and effort in gardening.

Perennial flower meadows can add vibrancy and colour to any garden, but what is perhaps less well known is how time-efficient and low-effort they are when it comes to gardening.

Here are some examples of how perennial flower meadows can save you time, effort (and ultimately money):

(1) Less weed control required

Within the world of horticulture at present, debates are re-evaluating the definition of the humble ‘weed’. Of course, there will always be some ‘unplanted species’ that must be tamed and managed, but what were once the bane of people’s gardening lives now appear to be receiving a little more kindness. As a result, a more relaxed, naturalistic aesthetic is gaining ever more popularity.

How better to embrace this than with a perennial flower meadow? The naturally wilder planting style is much more forgiving on the need for a totally ‘weed-free’ space, reducing the need for intensive manual weeding.

Pictorial Meadows Woodland Edge Perennial Seed Mix Woodland Edge

(2) Reduced use of water and fertiliser

Once established, perennial flowers require minimal irrigation. So whilst extensive drought leaves a lawn in a brown, withering state, our perennial flower meadows can survive with very little water. In addition, the lower the soil fertility, the greater the floral diversity. This is the secret behind the spectacular floral displays we create. As a result, our perennial flower meadows will never need fertiliser for them to flourish.

Pictorial Meadows Moody Blues Perennial Seed Mix Moody Blues

(3) Seasonal and annual evolution

Unlike grass lawns, flowers offer an ever-changing, dynamic display throughout the year. Each season brings new blooms and a shifting tapestry of colour, creating a constantly evolving outdoor space. Furthermore, unlike annuals or bedding plants, this natural spectacle doesn’t end when the year is up; their perennial nature means they will return year after year, becoming a permanent yet ever-changing feature of your landscape. Thus, the need for frequent replanting and seed sowing is eliminated.

Pictorial Meadows Persian Carpet Perennial Seed Mix Persian Carpet

(4) Reduced ongoing maintenance

An annual autumn cutback, along with occasional weeding, can be all that our perennial flower meadows require; removing the need to spend hours pruning and deadheading throughout the year. Not only does this create a simpler gardening experience, but it extends the period which the meadow can provide ecological value for wildlife. A more sustainable, beautiful garden with a fraction of the effort.

Pictorial Meadows Cottage Garden Perennial Seed Mix Cottage Garden

Opting for perennial flowers can save you time, effort, and money, whilst providing you with a stunning outdoor space with considerably less intervention.

By embracing our meadow plantings, you will not only have more time to relax and appreciate the beauty of your garden, but contribute to a more sustainable wilder environment for people and the planet.

So why not choose to embrace the ever-changing vibrancy of perennial flowers in your garden?

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