Discover the diversity of flower species in our perennial seed mixes and turf

Published at Oct 4, 2023

In this article, our Landscape Manager Owen takes us through the range and diversity of flower species in our perennial seed mixes and turf.

Developed and refined over the past 20 years, our perennial seed mixes and turf each contain between 25 and 30 different flowering species. They are a mix of floriferous native and long-flowering global wildflower species.

From dry rooftops and brownfield rubble, to woodland edges and damp rain gardens, our perennial seed mixes and turf are specially designed to bring buzzing beauty to a wide range of settings.

Some of the plants found in our perennial seed mixes and turf that are suited to normal, heavier and variable fertility soils which may see moderate seasonal waterlogging include:

Maltese-cross / Scarlet lychnis

Lychnis chalcedonica is a charismatic species found in our Turkish Delight seed mix and Treasure Chest turf. This vibrant scarlet-orange perennial originates from the fertile grassy meadows and river valleys of Russia. It is said to have been brought to Britain by the Knights of Malta.

Butterfly feeds on a flower head with multiple red flowers

Peach-leaved bellflower

Campanula persicifolia is a long-flowering species with lilac-blue bells. This is a classic cottage garden plant adapted to environments that are semi-shaded or exposed to the full sun. It is a sturdy stalwart of our Moody Blues seed mix and Purple Haze turf. It grows wild in the Alps, where it can flower from June through to September, and gently self-seeds in garden settings.

three delicate purple bell flowers on a stem with flower buds

Red campion

Silene dioica is a common but widely cherished British native found in hedgerows and shady verges. It also grows naturally across Europe. Flowering over a long season, with blooms into autumn if given an early summer cut, this wildflower is perfectly at home in light-dappled shade. It can be found in our Woodland Edge seed mix and Woodland Fringe turf. Silene dioica is dioecious, meaning they have distinct male and female flowers on separate plants.

series of pink flat faced flowers on a green stalk


Perfectly adapted to the stresses of roadside conditions, Primula veris can be found in our Pollinator Verge turf, where it sits alongside other low growing flowers that tolerate a few cuts a year. This plant provides early season colour and nectar while most meadow plants are still waking up after winter.

handful of flower stalks emerging from leaves and grass, with a head of yellow flowers on each


Lychnis flos-cuculi is a small but shining star of wetland meadows and an understated jewel in our Waters Edge seed mix and Rain Garden turf. A British native that is also found across Europe and Asia, these flowers attract butterflies and long-tongued bees who feed on the flowers' nectar.

three spindly pink flowers on a stem

Some of the plants found in our perennial seed mixes and turf that are suited to drought-tolerant, lower fertility, free-draining soils include:

Clary sage

Shimmering in metallic silver and lilac is Salvia sclarea. This perennial thrives in poor dry soils similar to its Mediterranean origins and is a star plant in our Persian Carpet seed mix and Patchwork Quilt turf. This was one of the earliest sages described by the Ancient Greeks, who used it in eye washes and other remedies.

spikes of pale pink and white flowers growing from a mound of leaves

Fox-and-cubs / Tawny hawkweed

Long-flowering, robust and dependable, Pilosella aurantiaca is a key plant in our Tuscan Hills seed mix and Indian Summer turf. The glowing warmth of this charming plant gives it a Mediterranean feel, despite its high Alpine origin. Thought to have been brought to the British Isles about 500 years ago, it is a welcome naturalised incomer.

dense-petalled bright orange and yellow flowers in a cluster

Sea holly

Our Cottage Garden seed mix and Super Pollinator turf are perfectly suited to growing in the most hostile of environments, on sand and crushed rubble brownfield sites. Piercing metallic blue, Eryngium planum is a star plant of these mixes and is adapted to hot/dry environments.

White and blue butterfly feeding on small blue thistle type heads with blue stems.

Sea thrift / Sea pink

Adapted to exposed roof tops and shallow soils, our Botanical Skyline turf is an instant solution for creating biodiverse green roofs. This turf contains 27 species, including a diverse range of Alpine and Mediterranean flowering plants, fine fescue grasses and a range of ultra-resilient sedums. Perfectly suited to Alpine and Mediterranean environments is Armeria maritima. A compact emerald pincushion of foliage sits below fabulous pink pompom flowers that dry to attractive seedheads. Suited to rooftop conditions, this plant grows wild on sea cliffs and sand dunes.

a mass of bright pink pom pom flowers growing from spiky leaf cluster

This is a just a snapshot of the huge diversity of flowering perennials you can find in our Pictorial Meadows seed mixes and turf. Our mixes contain a huge range of plants, many of which are not commonly found in traditional plant nurseries and garden centres.

Over time, the plant community finds its own balance in tune with your environment. Good management is key to keeping the mix diverse and highly floriferous. Our seed mixes and turf are the start of a journey of wonder and excitement, with constant seasonal change that varies from year to year.

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