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Classic PA01 - From £0.83 per sq m

Classic PA01

From £6.50

Originally designed by Professor Nigel Dunnett from the University of Sheffield, Classic produces...

Pixie PA02 - From £0.83 per sq m

Pixie PA02

From £6.50

A delightful little mix with the same wonderfully long and robust flowering characteristics as Cl...

Candy PA07 - From £0.83 per sq m

Candy PA07

From £6.50

This mix features a particularly vibrant collection of flowers that burst with brightness. As thi...

Aqua PA04 - From £0.83 per sq m

Aqua PA04

From £6.50

Restful and harmonious, this mix contains flowering meadow species of varied cool blues, whites, ...

Pastel PA05 - From £0.83 per sq m

Pastel PA05

From £6.50

This delightful colour-themed 'strawberries and cream' mix features reds, whites and pinks with j...

Kingfisher PA10 - From £0.83 per sq m

Kingfisher PA10

From £18.50

Kingfisher was developed for Trentham Gardens' lakeside walk to capture the startling bright colo...

Dragonfly PA09 - From £0.83 per sq m

Dragonfly PA09

From £6.50

With inspiration coming from the iridescent dragonflies that we love to encourage into our garden...

Woodland Edge PS03 - From £1.65 per sq m

Woodland Edge PS03

From £47.50

Easy to establish and an absolute joy in terms of impact and colour, especially through the sprin...

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