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Award Winning 

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The original and most popular of our mixes, Classic produces shimmering, stunning and ever changing displays from late spring through to mid autumn.

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The original and most popular of our seed mixes, Classic produces shimmering, stunning and ever-changing displays from late spring right through to mid-autumn. Rich in dainty whites, blues, pinks and reds in the early stages, the meadow turns to gorgeous autumnal colours later in the season. An exceptionally reliable performer in all sorts of ground conditions this meadow is beautiful both in bold vistas as well as intimate pockets.

Recommended sowing time: Spring.

Recommended sowing rate: 3g per square metre.

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20g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

Sample Species

Bishops Weed ¦ Ammi majus, Black-eyed Susan ¦ Rudbeckia hirta, Larkspur ¦ Delphinium ajacis, Red Orache ¦ Atriplex hortensis

7 reviews for Classic

  1. David Mitchell

    This is a fantastic mix. Have just seen it at Wentbridge Castle in the John Arnold Gardens. The display brings tears to your eyes. Will be pursuing the mix for my own garden as a reduction in maintenance of my quarter acre is on the cards. Wentworth Castle is a great place to visit to. April /May is the best time.

  2. Margaret Watchman

    Have just visited Kedleston Hall & was stopped in my tracks by the most wonderful display of poppies etc.The head gardener told me they had come from your company.So many other people were commenting on the wonderful show of flowers& taking pictures of them.Utterly wonderful for us humans but also for the many bees & other flying insects that were visiting them.

  3. Alanna Donaldson (verified owner)

    A beautiful and magical seed mix! It changes every day and is a pleasure to wake up to. Also lots of bees and butterflies in the garden now, and a hedgehog who likes to hide in there.

  4. Roger Hiley

    Your flower mix looked stunning in the Hope Park, Keswick flower beds.

  5. S.C

    The packet of seed came with very helpful instructions for a novice gardener like myself. I followed them to the letter and was treated to an amazing display of flowers throughout the summer months. They are still appearing, even in early October! All neighbours loved it and I received many compliments. I cannot wait to try another one next year!

  6. Susan Field

    Beautiful wild flower verges around Hillingdon - thank you to your company and to the Council for bringing joy to what would have been grey roadsides!

  7. Delva Forrest (verified owner)

    This has been a complete and surprising success. We are novice gardeners who followed the instructions carefully (particularly site preparation). We sowed in April, just before 3 weeks of hard frost and I was SO worried that it would be ruined; then watched and waited through a very rainy May with nothing much to see. Finally in June, having prepared ourselves for total failure, everything sprang into life and we have since had the most BEAUTIFUL, perpetual show of dainty but jaunty colour! It is stunning. And the increased insect activity is a wonderful bonus. Thank you so much!

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