Shining a light on our bestselling perennial seed mixes and turf

Published at Oct 30, 2023

In this article, Helen, our Head of Commercial Landscapes, highlights some of our bestselling perennial products over the past year.

Our bestselling perennial seed mixes

We have a range of eight different perennial seed mixes. Each mix is designed around a colour theme or tailored to a specific site requirement. Our perennial mixes all comprise at least 23 different species. They are carefully formulated to include the species diversity within a m² and do not contain any grasses. In year one while the perennials are establishing, a small selection of annual species are included in the mixes to add some colour and interest to the display. From year two onwards, the perennials will fill the space and become more established.

Our top sellers over the past year have included:

Woodland Edge

Pictorial Meadows Woodland Edge Perennial Seed Mix

Native Meadow

Pictorial Meadows Native Meadow Perennial Seed Mix

Moody Blues

Pictorial Meadows Moody Blues Perennial Seed Mix

Turkish Delight

Pictorial Meadows Turkish Delight Perennial Seed Mix

Autumn is a good time to sow perennial seeds for a number of reasons. You can discover what these are in our previous blog post.

Our bestselling perennial turf mixes

Our designer turf mixes are designed to create an instant impact perennial meadow. All the establishment operations have been completed in the field by our growing teams, meaning that you (or your client) get a fully established perennial meadow delivered straight to your site.

The turf mixes in the Adaptive and Resilient Range are unlike any other landscape products, giving you a range of landscape solutions that combine flexibility, cost saving and ease of installation along with especially unique combinations of beautiful and resilient plants.

Our most popular turf mixes during 2022/23 have included:

Woodland Fringe

Pictorial Meadows Woodland Fringe Turf

Treasure Chest

Pictorial Meadows Treasure Chest Turf

Purple Haze

Pictorial Meadows Purple Haze Turf

Pollinator Verge

Pictorial Meadows Pollinator Verge Turf

Our turf mixes maximise adaptation and resilience to future climate changes by including a range of plants from a wide geographical area. There is little need for irrigation following establishment and we have seen our meadows survive in varying climatic conditions.

Autumn is the perfect time to lay turf for a number of reasons. You can discover what these are in our previous blog post.

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