The Coronation Collection


Create the perfect spectacle in your garden this summer with The Coronation Collection, designed to celebrate the 2023 Coronation of King Charles III. This set includes three 6g packets of our annual seed mixes. Containing  Dragonfly, Patriotic and Cornfield. All grow to medium height and features regal base tones, with additional contrasting colour combinations. 

These seed mixes are designed by specialists to be high impact, bold and attract wildlife. They show waves of colour from summer right up to the first frost and provide a rich nectar source for pollinators. The benefits of an annual meadow is that they are quick and easy to grow and are super vibrant, perfect for any skill level.

In the spring (April is the best month) scatter the seeds onto a sunny spot on weed free soil. Aim to cover approximately 2 square metres per packet. Firm the seeds into the soil and leave undisturbed, that’s it! We do not recommend mixing different annual mixes together as the results are unpredictable, as the different species will compete. 

Sowing Recommendations

Sow your seeds in Spring

Sow 2 sq metre per packet - mixing different packets is not recommended

Sow in a weed-free, sunny spot

Read our full sowing guide


Check your measurements when ordering your seed to avoid waste or underestimating. Pictorial Meadows™ annual mixes are very carefully formulated to include the species diversity within a m² and contain no grasses.